Video clips & bits

We're lucky enough to have plenty of media in different formats of all our teams and have to thank all the fans and friends that have photographed, filmed and captured some of our favourite moments as a club over the years.

Below are some short video clips. Check our YouTube channel for a whole bunch of other clips. Thanks to all that have taken the time out to film our teams and players and fans. Much appreciated!

For more clips click here

For more clips click here


LFC win Div4 to go up to Div 3 - tense and emotional moments waiting for that all important away match result call from Helga..

LFC win the Kevin Everest Challenge Cup v Tudor Arms, 3-1. Deri scoring - the first Langholmer to do so on You Tube.

Långholmen FC Final STHML Cup highlights

Supporters at the Stockholm Cup Final - Långholmen FC vs Sollentuna

Långholmen FC vs Djurgårdsbrunns 0-1 highlights

Mark Evans of Långholmen scores in first round cup win against Folksam. Final score was 4-2 to the Stripes