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Season is up and running

Catch the next fixture in the calendar. Our Div4 lads play Monday 17th at Essinge IP: Kick off is 20.00

The Supporters FB page has a meet up for the match - so sign up on their page:

We'll be on Instagram and tweeting extras throughout the season as normal. Follow and get the low downs from matches, training and LFC off pitch.


Fill your diaries

Fixtures for the Div4 M, Div4 L, Reserves and Vets teams for this coming season are in the LFC Calendar. Also their respective team pages now have the tables and up and coming league fixtures ready and waiting.

Korpen fixtures will be released later.

Team set ups so far..

This season we have top goal scorer Chris Allen and Niclas Dymling managing the Division 4 team. Giles will also help out with some of the administrative workload that comes with the job. Matt Squire will continue to help run the Reserves back stage so to speak. In addition to Matt, the Reserves will seek support from a few existing players. Come the start of the season this will be in place. The Div4 Ladies will be run by Morty and Kjerstin. Additional support will also be added come the start of the season. The Vets will be managed by Jerome with skinna as admin back up. General Jay Lewis will be getting the team spirit in place on match days.
We warmly thank JoeG (Div 4 M) and Alex (Div4 L) for all their hard work, energy and time working with the teams. Big respect!
Korpen set up will be confirmed at a later date.


Season 2017 and #15

As we continue the preparations for season 2017, we feel blessed to have reached our 15th year. Many thanks to all the well wishers. It's been a roller coaster of a ride with some extreme highs and a few lows to back it up, 100's of friends have been made along the way and a lot of laughs and good times had. Our initial goal was to just play the beautiful game with a bunch of mates but along the way LFC became much much more. Thanks for all the support and memories from all involved. Many more to come...Hold on tight!....cos...
The next round of the Stockholm Cup is in February 26th for our Div 4 team. To be played at Essinge IP. Info will be posted nearer the date.

Some indoor sessions have been booked for early pre season training. Please pay your memberships asap. Some new managers, new players and members are expected in the next few months so hold tight. We'll be back soon with info as to how the season is panning out for all our teams.



Div5 champions

Massive congrats to our Div5 lads who this afternoon travelled to Boovallen to face Boo FF and beat them 3-1. On doing so they clinched the title with 2 matches to go. Chrissy Allen scored a wicked hattrick that sealed the title. Well played all. Well deserved. Division 4 here we come!! COYS!!


Titles nearing...

Div5 are on the verge of clinching the Div5 title. The league is looking in their favour as they sit on top. The next game or two are crucial for the lads. Go support them!!! See the calendar or FB for info.
The Reserves are also sitting on top and are about to be crowned champions too if they win their next and last match!
On the other side of the sexes, the Div4 Ladies are sitting in second place and have a mathematical chance of winning the league. Second place is basically theirs.
What an end to the season!!! Do get out and cheer these players/teams on. The club has had a great season and the run in is exciting.



First half of season ends...

Thanks to all our players, managers, fans, staff and opponents for a great first half season. Notably Div 5 sit firmly placed on top of their division, the Ladiesare placed in 3rd spot - a fantastic run of wins for both teams ensuring the next half season will be thrilling while chasing promotion to higher divisions. Reserves are in second position aiming to be crowned champions by October. Our Vets and Korpen teams are all gaining momentum and are sure to be rising much higher.
The summer break hits us but be sure to be prepared when August 10th hits us with Div5 at home against Vasasällskapet FK.
Extra shouts to Scot James of the supporters club who has been present and reported some important matches. His reports can be read here:  Many thanks Scot James.

The calendar has all the fixtures you need - keep updated.
To see images from this first half season you can check out:
The LFC FLICKR photos and albums, and the LFC INSTAGRAM account.
No chance of having missed anything. Enjoy.

"I was there"


The LFC v IFK Göteborg Svenska Cup post match t-shirt. With white text printed on the back: "I WAS THERE, LÅNGHOLMEN FC V IFK GÖTEBORG, 20th August 2012" with the white classic Subbuteo man design printed on the front.
If you have this in your collection, it's now a rarity.

Now in it’s fourteenth year, Långholmen FC is an important part of the sporting and social life in Stockholm, Sweden. The club was founded in 2002 and is a firm believer in fair play football and sportsmanship. Respect your fellow players. Love football. Enjoy the beautiful game.