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Season 2017 is over....soon..!

Season 2017 has now come to an end with Korpen 1 rounding off the entertainment for another year in the coming weeks.
We have the second round of the Victoria Cups coming up so check out the dates for that fixture.

Many thanks to all the players, coaches, admins, committee and fans/supporters club for another great season. It's hard to believe it really is season 2018 soon but you have our Instagram site and Flickr sites to look at 100's and 100's of images taken from this year.
We'll be in touch. Watch this space.


Reserves out for rest of season

"Hi everyone.
Unfortunately our Reserves team has been dropped for the remainder of the season. It was not an easy decision but there were a few factors to consider: our men’s First team were successfully promoted to Division 4 last season, a fantastic achievement. That also meant that our Reserves team were also moved up one notch, kinda 'promoted' themselves. With much tougher competition in their league than last season and with lower squad numbers and injuries, the managers have had to consistently try to field a proper squad for each game in order to front fair competition in their matches. The weekly strain was not optimal for our Reserves team so the managers together with the committee agreed to pull the Reserves team from the league for the remainder of the season. Reserve players can now offer a welcoming contribution to the Vets team and the Korpen team(s) who themselves needed extra support this year. All have the possibility to continue to play very good level LFC football.
We'll look at the Reserve team situation again next season.

Kind regards,
Chairman Anna, on behalf of the LFC committee."


Get out and still stay out!

Catch the next fixtures in the calendar
All our teams are now playing football.  Be sure to check the LFC calendar and our FB/Twitter for info and go watch a match and support our teams.

The Supporters FB page have meet ups for the first team matches - be sure to check their page.

We'll be on Instagram and tweeting extras throughout the season as normal. Follow and get the low downs from matches, training and LFC off pitch.


Season 2017 and #15

As we continue the preparations for season 2017, we feel blessed to have reached our 15th year. Many thanks to all the well wishers. It's been a roller coaster of a ride with some extreme highs and a few lows to back it up, 100's of friends have been made along the way and a lot of laughs and good times had. Our initial goal was to just play the beautiful game with a bunch of mates but along the way LFC became much much more. Thanks for all the support and memories from all involved. Many more to come...Hold on tight!....cos...
The next round of the Stockholm Cup is in February 26th for our Div 4 team. To be played at Essinge IP. Info will be posted nearer the date.

Some indoor sessions have been booked for early pre season training. Please pay your memberships asap. Some new managers, new players and members are expected in the next few months so hold tight. We'll be back soon with info as to how the season is panning out for all our teams.



Div5 champions

Massive congrats to our Div5 lads who this afternoon travelled to Boovallen to face Boo FF and beat them 3-1. On doing so they clinched the title with 2 matches to go. Chrissy Allen scored a wicked hattrick that sealed the title. Well played all. Well deserved. Division 4 here we come!! COYS!


"I was there"


The LFC v IFK Göteborg Svenska Cup post match t-shirt. With white text printed on the back: "I WAS THERE, LÅNGHOLMEN FC V IFK GÖTEBORG, 20th August 2012" with the white classic Subbuteo man design printed on the front.
If you have this in your collection, it's now a rarity.

Now in it’s fourteenth year, Långholmen FC is an important part of the sporting and social life in Stockholm, Sweden. The club was founded in 2002 and is a firm believer in fair play football and sportsmanship. Respect your fellow players. Love football. Enjoy the beautiful game.