Every sports club needs support from sponsors. We're fortunate to have great sponsorship deals with established and respected restaurants, companies and even individuals. We are always looking to expand our sponsor portfolio so if you know of any sponsorship leads that we can pursue then drop us an email. We offer 10% of the total amounts brought in plus free membership for a year!

Read our short presentation of Långholmen FC (pdf) and what we can offer our sponsors.

Southside Pub & Restaurant

Långholmen FC are proud to have the Southside as its main sponsor. Southside Pub have been part of the LFC family for many years. They continue to support us through sponsorship but also through their welcoming presence when we meet at the pub for club events and social happenings. www.southsidepub.se

Previous sponsor Lawab perform turnkey projects for small and large customers. They offer professional renovations of P-house, garages and courtyards. They also assist with other construction tasks like roofing, facade work and land excavation/construction.


Arbestkläder och mer AochM are a leading clothing and printing company based in Stockholm.  AochM have been sponsoring Långholmen FC for many years too and produce team kits, sports items and fan clothing as well as printing.


We are also very thankful to the individuals who donate to the club but whom would like to remain anonymous.

Become a sponsor

We expect great seasons ahead for the club and full of progress. Our first team continues to attract players of a higher standard. We have ambitious future plans to hopefully become the most important football club in Stockholm. Through our social media and our supporters club our network is expanding and the LFC name is reaching more people and places fast, including internationally. All very positive news for potential new sponsors.
If you are interested in sponsoring, drop us an email and we'll be in touch with you.

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