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Welcome Elms as a new sponsor

We’re pleased to add Elms Byggnadsfirma AB as our sponsor and to the LFC family.
More about them can be found HERE.


Memberships due for season 2019

Memberships for season 2019 are now due. It is necessary that all members pay as soon as possible for the club to run properly. Those of you that have not done so, please pay asap.
A list of the fees can be found HERE.


Hello Mr Chairman and new coaches!

We’re very happy to welcome Peter Simpson, a long serving Stripe, as our Chairman. Peter will work alongside our Secretary, Treasurer and managers to continue pushing LFC in the right direction and brings his expertise and knowledge from both on the pitch and off the pitch to the boardroom.

We welcome Chris Allen and Perry Wild to the running of the Div4 set up for next year and would like to share our appreciation and thanks to Micha who put in a lot of time and energy into managing and training Division 4 last season.

Our Ladies team have Linnea as their head coach/admin contact for next season which is wonderful news as our Ladies coach of many years Kjerstin, is taking a back step and leaving her role for the time being. We thank Kjerstin Skye Blomquist for her many years of dedicated work with her Ladies team. She did a fantastic job.

Vets get another season of Jerome Mee and Jay Lewis which is brilliant news. They will be keeping the team together for another excellent season ahead and have done so for many years too. They truly deserve a pint or two when you next bump into them, possibly at The Southside Pub..

Korpen says thanks to John Kristiansson and says hi to Adam Kimberley and Jasper who take the reigns of Korpen for season 2019. We thank John for all his work and organisation the last few years too and welcome Adam and Jasper in moving Korpen forward as they so want to do. Nice one lads!

We're already planning for another successful season. Updates will be sporadic for the coming few months but rest assured we're onto things.

We now accept memberships for season 2019, due to be paid the latest December 31st 2018. Visit our website for the new membership fees.

Check the website for all kinds of LFC related things and player info etc.


Thanks for a(nother) great season!

Season 2018 has now finished. It’s been another successful season, of highs and low's, predictions, told-you-so's, all all the banter. We’ve played some excellent matches against tough opposition. Won, lost, drawn and no walk overs. Many thanks to all involved in the club be it from a player, admin, manager, trainer or fan. Thanks to our position too and the authorities for helping us this year.
We’ll be back next year as we’re already working on the planning of season 2019.
AGM on the 4th November.
See you all soon.



The LFC v IFK Göteborg Svenska Cup post match t-shirt. With white text printed on the back: "I WAS THERE, LÅNGHOLMEN FC V IFK GÖTEBORG, 20th August 2012" with the white classic Subbuteo man design printed on the front.
If you have this in your collection, it's now a rarity.

Now in it’s 17th year, Långholmen FC is an important part of the sporting and social life in Stockholm, Sweden. The club was founded in 2002 and is a firm believer in fair play football and sportsmanship. Respect your fellow players.
Love football.
Enjoy the beautiful game.